Short professional biography

Seppo Parkkila M.D., Ph.D. (born 1966) is a Professor of Anatomy at the University of Tampere, Finland ( He graduated from the University of Oulu in 1991 (M.D.) and obtained his Ph.D. in 1994 under the supervision of Professor Hannu Rajaniemi. During 1996-1998 he worked as a visiting researcher in the laboratory of Professor William S. Sly at Saint Louis University. He became a specialist physician in Clinical Chemistry in 2001. In 2002, he moved to the University of Tampere where he was appointed to the post of Professor of Medical Technology and Biotechnology, and later in 2008 to the post of Professor of Anatomy. His research work focuses on pH-regulation, carbonic anhydrases and regulation of iron homeostasis ( Professor Parkkila has published over 200 articles in international journals and has a wide network of research collaborators around the world. He has supervised 15 Ph.D. theses and a number of M.Sc. thesis projects. Professor Parkkila has been actively involved in university administrative bodies. He has been a vice-chairman of the board of the School of Medicine in Tampere and also a director of the M.D.-Ph.D. program at the School of Medicine. At the beginning of 2016, he was appointed to the post of vice-rector at the University of Tampere. In addition to these academic responsibilities, he was a candidate in the parliamentary elections in 2015 representing the National Coalition Party of Finland (